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At Imagine Homes Realty, LLC, we believe in a High Tech, High Touch approach to Real Estate, but that’s not why you would join our team.

We believe in Relational Marketing, making the most of your connection and sphere – reaching out to the people who already know, love and trust you, but that’s not why you would join our team.

Imagine Homes Realty is paperless, virtual and we really can sell or list homes from anywhere at any time, but that’s not why you would join our team.

We know your name, your husband’s name, what your kids are doing, and if you own a pet because we care about you and whether you are having a bad day, but that’s not why you would join our team.

The RCW isn’t just something you learn in class, the Code of Ethics isn’t just for license renewal and contracts and forms aren’t just a necessary evil to sell real estate, they are the first 3 pillars of the Imagine Homes’ Business Strategy, but that’s not why you would join our team.

Imagine Homes works very hard to give back to the Community and to improve our Neighborhoods through our association with Habitat for Humanity and through our Annual BackPack GiveAway, but that’s not why you would join our team.

At Imagine Homes Realty, Your Brand, Your Database, Your Leads, Your Referrals are Yours. Building a winning Business Strategy for your goals and dreams is paramount, because at IHR we care about your business, your wealth, your health, and your happiness as if it were our own. Now this might be why you would want to join our team.

We have a Collaborative Spirit; we are Like-Minded with only one goal in mind every day – Sell Real Estate the right way every day for every client. Now this might be why you would want to join our team.

You have to have more than a pulse to join our team – You have to have heart and soul to hang your license here. If you would like to be appreciated for selling real estate the right way, by the rules, with the client’s interests first and foremost, if working on a team that cares as much as you do, then maybe you have found your next brokerage at Imagine Homes Realty, LLC.

If this sounds like you text Terry today and Imagine the possibilities.